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Buzzing with energy, enthusiasm and experience, an amazing team of all ages and nationalities is excited by the challenge of pushing the limits of business, technology, design – and their own potential.

On a mission since 2009, this close-knit team has crafted a solid, comprehensive foundation of something truly amazing: A software platform to make things easier for small businesses, and enable them to be more competitive.

With a keen eye for the big picture, all the way down to smallest detail, these specialists stick to one simple rule: Does each design or feature meet our requirements and objective? If the answer is no, it’s back to the drawing board!

They pour their heart and soul into a platform and apps that are beautifully designed and quite sophisticated under the hood. To achieve this and to bring order to the complexity, it requires plenty of talent, passion, perseverance and determination. So that in the end we can say “It Just Works”.


Courageous, ambitious and patiently impatient, we pursue our goals with determination and plenty of team spirit.

Respect the Basics

Our work ethic is clear and simple. We are disciplined, focused, reliable and trustworthy. Every day, for as long as necessary.


Lasting focus requires commitment. We start every day with passion for the project.

Making sense

We are concise, consistent and uncompromising - in finding the best solutions for our goal; no politics, no nonsense, no hidden agenda.


We take responsibility and are conscientious. We are responsible for the result. Because our work is a reflection of everything we do.


We are honest, open and direct. Withheld information or quiet compromises will not be tolerated.

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We want to "create enforia" and offer you to become part of a meaningful activity. Your new job offers great opportunities for further development. And of course attractive additional offers.

Employee participation/ option agreement

We are looking for passionate people. After a certain length of service you can exercise options and participate in the success of the company.


Our enfore-Café offers you probably the best coffee of Hamburg and many more goodies.

Equipment/ Hardware

We are an "Apple Company", you get a Macbook Pro and a mobile phone (iPhone).

Public transport

We subsidize the monthly fee of the regional public transport.

Drinks and fresh fruit

At enfore you can get fresh fruit and drinks for free.


We'll take our time.

Udo Wichmann

Head of Recruiting

Davide Deplano

Talent Acquisition Manager

Clara Meissner

Talent Acquisition Specialist